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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Nemesis - Invasion EP

Nemesis - Invasion EP
The biography I received with this promo is in Italian and my Italian is limited to types of pasta and a few swear words. Even the Latin I learnt at school, 35 years ago, is no use, so this one’s all about the music.

Nemesis are a young band, having only formed last year and that kind of shows in many aspects of this release.
It’s being marketed as Thrash/Death and while both of these elements are prominent, there’s quite a bit going on.

The vocals are split between high pitched yelps, which with the right music, could be used in Grindcore or more modern forms of Metal, and deep guttural growls, which is where the Death Metal connection is made.

Behind the dual vocal style, it’s mainly a Thrash backdrop, mixed in with a few slower moments. Oddly there’s an off kilter intro to The Face Beyond, which reminds me of the Dead Kennedys (circa Chicken Farm), but the song quickly explodes and the quirky little intro is quickly forgotten… until it returns again a minute or so later.

Maybe it’s an age thing, or maybe it’s because they have a huge melting pot of influences, but this EP is littered with a ton of styles. Admittedly they all actually work very well, but I think over time, things may get a little more focussed as Nemesis hone their style.

As it stands, it’s a very solid debut. Although personally, I think they need to up the Thrash content and makes things just a touch heavier.  

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