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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Temple of Void - Of Terror and the Supernatural

Temple of Void - Of Terror and the Supernatural

Temple of Void is made up by a group of (music) veterans from the Detroit scene and that experience is very much in evidence on this, their debut album.

Slice this beast down the middle and you’ll see that it’s made up of equal parts Death Metal and equal parts Doom Metal, with the Death being influenced from the US scene and the Doom, from the UK. I suppose you could say ToV sound like an American version of Paradise Lost, and a Paradise Lost that’s in its prime.

Where a lot of bands fail is in their song writing. There can be no doubting many bands talents as musicians, but so many fail to deliver the goods due to poor song writing skills. There are no such problems here, as Of Terror and the Supernatural reels you in very early on and for me, by part-way through track 2, Savage Howl, I was completely hooked. Mainly due to the majestic lead guitars, which took me right back to the mid 90s.

To temper the brutality, there are the occasional acoustic moments, with To Carry This Corpse Evermore, (almost) sounding like a Spanish flamenco ritual. And there are other nuances littered throughout the album, just to break up the onslaught and to give the album a bit more individuality, to go with the more obvious influences.

This is an absolutely crushing album, but one that’ll give you a little hug afterwards, just for liking it so much. In layman’s terms, brutal, with just a hint of gentleness.

Available on cd, tape, vinyl and digital... so go buy it

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