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Monday, 24 November 2014

Death Sigh Ritual EP

Death Sigh Ritual EP

One of the band members (This might just be a solo project with a few small contributions from others) posted on a forum that all the blogs they read, weren’t interested in reviewing this release. That was about 15 rejections in one hit. I offered to review the EP after having a quick listen on Bandcamp, and I’m glad I found this gem.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a miserable fucking listen, but it’s also a beautiful one. The downbeat melodies are utterly captivating, especially when there’s a bit of male / female vocal interaction, as on the opener, Principals. And overall, I’m not sure where to place this. The music conjures up images of a Goth version of The Doors, playing a bit of Ministry (because of the vocals on Bones Ignite and My Friend Lucifer, which remind me of Al Jourgensen), and all manner of other styles, including Depressive Black Metal, maybe a bit of 80s Goth (again), but this time like a more caustic version of Bauhaus’ more angular moment.

Wherever you decide to place this, it’s a very dark mishmash of desperation and aggression, but one I’m drawn to the more I hear it. So this will appeal to those that like the slower, twisted forms of Black Metal, and those that like the darker side of music in general.

This is available from Bandcamp, as is the physical version, which is a very sexy looking digipack, which just might have to be purchased.

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