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This blog is for unsigned Metal bands and bands on small labels. Whilst setting up my promotions company, I noticed that a lot of sites don't cover demo bands and bands just starting out. Hopefully this small corner of the internet will have redress the balance, ever so slightly

Sunday, 31 August 2014


Fuck me, the Central and South American update went down a storm. This has been the best week the blog has ever had, so many thanks to all the visitors.

Just a couple of updates from the last feature.
Maleficia have a new video that you can see on YouTube 

And Nocturnal Sacrifice will be releasing their demo via Cold Raw Records very soon

1st up there’s a couple of reviews and then a couple of links to some new tracks

After that, it’s a quick rundown of all the bands on my new compilation, Helvete : Confederacy of Hatred, which is out on September 1st via Bandcamp

Cepheide are a French band and they’ve been around for about a year now. De Silence Et De Suie is their first demo.

The core of their sound, thanks to the vocals, is Black Metal. Musically, they’re quite atmospheric and I can only describe them as urgent sounding shoegaze. By that I mean, if you slowed down their sound, it would be a depressive, yet melancholic, listen. But speed it up, and it’s a different ball game. Like a constant wave of guitars washing over you, some of which are put through an Industrial sounding effects box.

The 4 tracks clock in at around the 30 minute mark and this is truly epic stuff.
As a lover of French red wine, I can only commend them on their music as well.

Très bon art noir (in my terrible French accent)

Altar Blood
I was badgered into listening to this demo by a writer of another blog (The Killchain) and I’m so glad that Sandy, said writer, kept on at me until I played this.

After an overlong intro, this beast rumbles into life with the 8 minute epic, Blasphemous Insemination. Deep guttural vocals play over the top of slower passages and then quicker sections. A simple blueprint that covers, Death, Doom and just a hint of Black Metal. So whatever form of Extreme Metal moves you, there’s enough here to keep most people interested, as long as you don’t mind the Deathly growls.

Highlight for me is Christ Betrayed, which springs into life from the off and just slays for the duration of the song, bar the groovier bit at the end. It’s also the most Blackened tune of the four on offer.

This is definitely one of my favourite new bands coming out of the US right now.

Nocturnum Peractorum
This is a new project from Canada and the music is Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

Phil Campbell's All Starr Band - Children Of The Grave
No words are needed apart from “this fucking rocks”

Helvete : Confederacy of Hatred (Black Metal Compilation)

I love a good comp and I’ve done a few in my time. This one is by far the best, in terms of consistency, that I’ve done. I’m really pleased with the quality of the bands.

All of the bands on this compilation are either unsigned, or are on small (very independent) labels. So please give them some support and check at least a couple of them out.

1.       Ophidian Coil - Manifestum Mortis
2.       Capgrass - Disruption Of The Deepest Dreams
3.       Krajiny Hmly - Hlbiny Spánku Zabudnutia
4.       Solar Deity - Circling The Moon
5.       Nox Aeternum - In the Midst of Scarlet Pathways
6.       Skiddaw - Even Titans Fall
7.       Nefarious Dusk - Cast Me To The Lions
8.       Paimonia - Ruined Form Catharsis
9.       Penumbra - Ritual Genocide
10.   Sercati - Hound from Hell
11.   Baalberith - Battle For The Blazing Dawn
12.   Uburen - Deprived Of Empathy
13.   NyX - Tulpa Strigoi
14.   Chiral - Atto II_ Abisso
15.   Cvinger - Monastery of Fallen
16.   Corruptor Ignis - A New Dawn

Ophidian Coil (Serbia)

Capgrass (Argentina)

Krajiny Hmly (Slovakia)

Solar Deity (India)

Nox Aeternum (USA)

Skiddaw (UK)

Nefarious Dusk (UK)

Paimonia (Serbia)

Penumbra (Colombia)

Sercati (Belgium)

Baalberith (UK)

Uburen (Norway)

NyX (Italy)

Chiral (Italy)

Cvinger (Slovenia)

Corruptor Ignis (Gibraltar)

You can access the comp via Bandcamp from September 1st  https://sixsixsixmusic.bandcamp.com/
There are 200 free copies available each month. After the free copies are gone, there is a nominal fee of £1… or you can wait for the free copies to kick in again the next month.

Or if you’re feeling generous, the Name Your Price option is available

This blog will now be updated 2 or 3 times a week, so I've got some very exciting news for the next update, which should be online on Wednesday

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Central and South America

I’ve been flying around the world the past few weeks, just via the internet, so for this update, I’m going to focus on Central and South America

Nocturnal Sacrifice
Let’s start this update in Mexico, with Black Metallers Nocturnal Sacrifice.

Having formed in 2009, this demo is their 1st release. And what a quality release to begin your career with.

Their music is surprisingly melodic and there’s plenty of groove happening thanks to the drumming of Siniestro.  Occasionally they crank it up a few notches, but their music is always accessible.

I don’t know if this 5 tracker has ever been officially released as there seemed to be talk of cd release and then nothing happened, but you can hear all of the tracks via YouTube. And it’s not had many hits so far, which is a surprise as this is really worth tracking down.


Sacred Goat
Why did I decide to check out this band? Because of the name, no other reason.  And sometimes something as simple as a band name can make all the difference on getting some attention.

Sacred Goat are a female fronted Brutal Metal band from Colombia. They mix up a number of styles, including Death and Grind and from this, they create a circle pit friendly brand of chaos.

This 3 track demo clocks in at an all too brief 6 or so minutes. So when you’ve digested this morsel, check out some of the bands live clips on YouTube.

How do I describe Brazilian band MadDög? Possibly as a (slightly) slowed down version of Overkill era Motorhead! Dirty biker rock? Black/Speed/Biker Metal?

However you want to describe them, they fucking rock! This is greasy, dirty Rock N Roll, and I love it.

Possessed By Fuel is so much like Motorhead, it could easily be a long lost classic from the end of the 70s. And I cannot stress enough how good this is.

The band only formed last year and they currently have a 4 track cd available.

Please visit the band here:

Nuclear Screams
 The sound on their 5 track demo is a bit (quite a bit actually) on the raw side, some of the playing isn’t as tight as it could be and the demo cover is a bit garish, but I still like this filthy slab of Thrash.

I have almost zero knowledge about the band, but I can tell you that they are from Brazil and this demo also includes a cover of Sepultura’s Troops of Doom

So no more waffle from me. Have a listen and decide for yourself

I’m not that keen on the band name, maybe in means something else in Spanish, but the music from this Chilean band is top notch. A very dark form of Thrash is their weapon of choice and they’re very good at what they do. Especially the constant barrage of razor edge riffs and the Black Metal tinged vocals.
As seems to be the norm with demo bands right now, they’ve recorded a cover version from one of the bands that has influenced them. Armies have chosen to do a cover of Destructions, Satan’s Torment.

This is an absolute gem of a release, I just hope that as many people as possible get to hear it

Heavy Chains 
These Costa Rican Thrashers have been featured on this blog before, so here’s a quick update.

They’ve got an album in the pipeline for 2015 and they’ve released a taster via Bandcamp in the form of Thundermask

If you’re a fan of Among The Living era Anthrax, then you’ll like what these guys do.

The Unhuman Thorn
 This is a one man band from Chile, who remind me a bit of Dimmu Borgir, mainly because of the vocal style and delivery. Musically, it’s not as symphonic, but there’s enough similarities here to make the comparison.

Although I suspect the subject matter is a bit nastier here, with hatred (of mankind), near the top of the list, at a guess.

Again, this is a new-ish project, with just a 3 track demo having been released so far. But it’s another cracker of a release

Get acquainted via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUnHumanThorn.Chile

Ending this round-up, are Maleficia from Nicaragua. Now, I’m not (usually) much of fan of Death Metal, but this is another of those bands that I find really easy to get into. The vocals are relatively easy on the ear, for Death Metal, and the riffs chug along very nicely and it generally just hits the spot and you cannot help but nod along, even at the faster bits.

Maleficia have been around quite a while, with one album and a number of shorter releases to their name. My recommended starting point is the Demonios de Blanco EP from 2013

Adios from Central and South America - next update will be on Thursday or Friday as a busy week of updates continue

Sixsixsix Music

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Busy As Hell

It’s been a busy week here at Sixsixsix HQ. Hefst was launched on Monday. And it’s a promotion business dedicated to promoting unsigned and small label bands. Full details can be found here: http://hefst.blogspot.co.uk/

Hefst is the Icelandic for “beginning”. So I hope to help many bands at the beginning of their musical adventures.

On the label side, the Baalberith album has been sent off for duplication. I should have copies on Tuesday. HaatE is being sent off very soon as well

And Toxoid have just joined the Sixsixsix Music Family. They’re a Satanic Black Metal band from India. Details on their cd will be announced soon

The Black Metal compilation Helvete : Confederacy of Hatred is complete and will be unleashed on September 1st. It’ll be available for free, and I’ll do a feature on all the bands who are included next Sunday.

Just to be totally different, I’m working on some Metal related Christmas cards. There are some pictures on my Facebook page of a few of the possible designs: 

And finally, I’ve had such an enjoyable time finding new bands this week, that I can’t cram them all in today. So I’ll be updating this blog throughout the week

Hyperborean - Mythos Of The Great Pestilence

I should have reviewed this album a few weeks ago. But it’s been an album I’ve tended to put on while I’ve been doing other things and I’ve just emerged myself in the music, without really analysing what I’m listening to.

The opening number, Hail Dystopia, is staggeringly good and reminds me of the days of when I was listening to my Black Metal on tape, about 20 years ago. It’s somewhere in-between majestic, technical, melodic and brutal. It’s spins around and goes through a myriad of time changes. And for me, it’s a perfect opener.

The only downside is that it’s head and shoulders above everything else on offer. This is a good album, but the pace tends to slow down too much at times and Hyborean are much better at the faster bits.

There’s so much to like here. I’m a huge fan of the guitar sound, the vocals are wonderfully harsh, the production is superb etc… but I don’t think Hyperborean have quite cracked it with their song writing. Maybe a few more BPM and less slower elements and I’d be raving about this album, but as it stands, it’s in the very good category, rather than the great.

And another band I should have featured before, are Egyptian band Excimer
They’re heavily influenced by 80s Thrash and I’m loving the old school vibe of their music. And their brand of Thrash is flavoured with some NWOBHM influences as well.

The title track of this EP, Serial Killer, has a vocal delivery that reminded me of early Suicidal Tendencies, so there’s plenty here to enjoy if you love all aspects of 80s Thrash.
You also get a very cool cover of Metallica’s Whiplash and Sodom’s Sodomy and Lust, to go with the three original tunes.

The band are recording a new album right now, so this is a nice introduction before their album comes out in the autumn.

Melodic Death, for me, can be very one dimensional, with so many of the bands all sounding the same. Thankfully, Sweden’s Unfolded are a bit of the good side.

This is supposed to be a demo, but the sound supersedes many albums from bands that are allegedly a few rungs above this. There’s a mighty groove going on, and Joakim Hegsund’s vocals tend to follow the groove and the overall effect is a head nodding bundle of joy. I like music that makes me happy and this certainly fits the bill.

My better half, who is a big fan of this genre and most things Swedish, is particularly impressed with the construction of each song. As a Maths Teacher, she also wonders if someone involved with this demo has a mathematical brain, such is the precision of each song.

Everything about this 5 tracker screams class. From the musicianship, production and the songs themselves. The only thing I’m surprised at, is that this is a self release.

I know the musical industry is imploding in on itself these days, but these guys are seriously good. I’m sure a few years ago the likes of Nuclear Blast and Century Media would be sending someone over to Sweden to snap these guys up as soon as they could.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Skyggen hail from South Korea and have just released their debut demo via You Tube.
I’m not a massive fan of the drum sound, but apart from that it’s a very solid offering of reasonably melodic Black Metal.

There are 2 original songs and a Gorgoroth cover for you to digest and I’d say that Whispering Death just edges it for me as it’s a bit more inventive in terms of the songwriting and the time changes.

Skyggen are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Vorzug are a new band out of Phoenix, Arizona and this one track single, I Am In Hell, is both an introduction to the band and a statement of intent from the band.

It’s a rumbling tomb of Old School Death Metal, with darker Black Metal overtones. The sound is just about perfect and this is such a fucking tease as one song just isn’t enough.

The band are currently working on their debut album… I just hope it doesn’t take them too long as this is a very good opening salvo.

I Am In Hell is out on August 30th. And if you visit their Facebook page, there’s a link to another song, In One-Hundred Years, whose Death Metal parts remind me of early Amorphis

I was expecting 30 minutes of Depressive Shoegazing from Belgium duo, Soul Dissolution, but this is a much heavier release than I was expecting. Ok, it’s still quite soft compared your average glass gargling raw Black Metal, yet it’s still (just about) on the melancholic side of the same genre, but it’s nowhere near the slit-your-wrist fest I thought it would be.

I’m not up on the slew of popular bands doing this kind of music right now, such as Alcest, but what I did pick up on, during The Final Solution : Part 1, was a similarity with Primordial, albeit at a much slower pace. So that’s my (sole) reference for this release.

But maybe it’s a good thing listening to this with fresh ears. My opinion is only based upon what I hear, not who it should be compared with.

If I had to sum up this release in one work it would be “sombre”. There’s an overall feeling of sadness throughout the duration of Cold Rays and Grey Waves. It’s an emotional journey that probably has some connection with the sea, which I’m basing my theory upon the album title and the artwork. And as someone who grew up on the coast and yearns for a return to living by the sea once again, I feel a real affinity with the songs. Even if I am probably completely wrong about the subject matter.

That's the end of part 1 of a week of updates. Next update will be on Tuesday

Sixsixsix Music

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hidden Gems

Metalheads, we just love talking about Metal. And beer. But let’s stick with Metal today

I was chatting online to Sandy Williamson last week. He has the best of both worlds. He owns a pub and loves Metal, and writes about it too. We both like finding obscure bands from countries not normally associated with Metal.

The end result is this update with 5 bands from around the globe, all from countries that aren’t the first places you think of when listening to Metal. And Sandy has done the same with his blog. So when you’re finished here, follow the link to his blog for 5 more bands.

Arrivl - Iran

I’m going to start my part of this feature in Iran. Now I have to admit I was expecting basic recording, simplistic songs, perhaps an air of innocence…. How wrong can one man get?
This is wonderfully produced, we’re talking big fuck-off production, with song-writing on a par with any of your Nuclear Blast or Century Media level bands. This is bordering on World class.

I have to say “bordering on” as I don’t want to go too overboard. But seriously, if you didn’t know any different, you’d say this was the latest sensation to come out of Sweden.

The band describe themselves as Blackened Death, and I think that’s a fair assessment. They are also very Scandinavian sounding, as I’ve touched upon already. They do have a familiar sound, but I have no comparisons to make with other bands.  It’s just excellent music.

You can view a couple of tunes via You Tube. And as far as I’m aware, these tracks haven’t been released on cd yet as the band are searching for a label.

Toxoid - India

I’ve found a few good bands from India recently, and Toxoid are right up there amongst the best I’ve found. Sound wise, they pay homage to Swedish and Norwegian forms of Metal. And personally, I think they’re similar to Satyricon, circa Nemesis Divina. So we’re talking mid-nineties Black Metal.

The vocals are wonderfully caustic and the bands heart is pure black. And like the majority of the bands I’ve encountered this week, putting this update together, they shy away completely from their nations own identity. There’s not even a hint of a veena or a sitar to be heard. This is full on majestic Black Metal, and nothing else.

After listening to Toxoid I think it’s fair to say that the devil definitely has the best tunes.

The album is available via Bandcamp: https://toxoid.bandcamp.com/ and you can follow the band via Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/HELL666BIRD

Apoteoza - Indonesia

With no disrespect intended to the band at all, it would be fair to say that Apoteoza are “a work in progress”. They’re a little rough around the edges, especially with some of the vocal arrangements on the unmixed version of Death Or Glory. But do you know what? I absolutely love this. They have so much spirit and passion, you cannot help but love what they’re doing.

This is Folk Metal from Indonesia for fucks sake!!!!! 

It brings a smile to my hairy face when I hear this. It’s not influenced by trends, it’s just a band playing and creating music that they have a passion for.

There are only two tracks online at present. Hear them here:  http://www.reverbnation.com/apoteoza and keep up-to-date with band via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Apoteoza/227574120611697

Sahon - South Korea

If Tom Araya had a South Korean Cousin, surely it would be Sahon frontman, Yong Ho.

Below is a video clip of Selection Of Slavery, which is worth watching just for the peoples faces as they watch the band perform on a busy street. It’s also worth checking out for some Slayer inspired Thrash

I can’t get their own site to work with with Google’s translation, but I can tell you they’ve released at least 4 albums (they might have released 5) and an EP and they’ve been going for about 15 years.

Facebook is probably your best bet for finding out more info about the band. And there’s a stack of videos to be found on You Tube. I’m sure their recorded work will be hard to track down.

Astrolatry - China

I’m ending my journey with some whacky Black Metal from China. The Chinese seem to make Black Metal sound completely different than any other country. Mainly as the vocals always sound so crazy. Maybe it’s a language thing, maybe it’s a cultural thing. Who knows and who cares?

I can’t tell you much about the band either, but I think this is their 1st release. And Google translates some of the song titles into:  Alcoholic Bones, Buried Under The Snows Funeral and Heilongjiang Wind. So I’m still none the wiser.

Visit the band here: http://site.douban.com/Astrolatry/ and click the green button in the middle of the page. Then strap yourself in and prepare for a frantic onslaught, with some crazy ass vocals.

And if you're still looking for more Hidden Gems - head on over to Sandy's blog for another 5 bands

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Six Six Six The Number Of The Beast

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Sixsixsix Music is 4 months old this week, so it’s time for a little overview of what’s been happening the past few months.

The hardest part of all is getting reviews. I ran a webzine for just under 10 years, so I know what it’s like trying to get reviews done when you’re snowed under. But these days, unless you are willing to spend a fortune on cds and postage, you will struggle to get reviews. I’ve had more rejections the past few months than I’ve had hangovers. Yes, that many!

But on a positive note, the reviews I have received have almost all been very good. The only 2 average reviews have been from the same website. So I’m guessing the reviewer just doesn’t get Extreme Metal as they’ve given some awful pirate crap top marks.

So my sincerest thanks to all those reviewers that have given my releases good reviews

Here’s what’s coming out in the next few months

Skiddaw - Skiddaw EP
The cd version is out and there will be a tape version at the end of August. There will also be a limited edition coloured tape version – just 10 copies. More details on that closer to the release date.

Metal Forces gave the EP an amazing review, which you can read here:

Wonderbox Metal said:
Skiddaw have an energetic and enticing sound that’s bleak, windswept and icy; just how Black Metal should be

Black Phoenix Rising
With this EP Skiddaw have announced their arrival onto the UK scene in a pretty spectacular fashion

Skiddaw then are an impressive proposition if their opening demo offering is anything to go by!

Dutch Metal Maniac
Skiddaw is a band to follow in the future, I think they could be great in the black metal scene

Soundscape Mag
… the foundations are definitely there for this band to become a force to be reckoned with in the British black metal scene

Baalberith - Apparition Of Skulls
It’s available as a download now and the cd and tape versions will be out in 2 to 3 weeks.
Again, there will be a limited edition tape version. And a patch and badge will be available too.

Once again, another great review from Metal Forces
There is something extremely exciting about this volatile record and I really don’t know where the true magic lies, but as a unit Baalberith has created some excellent, raging and above all grotesque black metal that is sure to evolve into a completely different monster next time round.

Black Phoenix Rising
Make no mistake though, this is a black metal album through and through, yet Baalberith can adopt a number of different styles yet still make it sound like raw black metal.

Blog Of Northern Darkness
“Quest for Satan” hooks you faster than smack and rather than sounding cliched and tired, Baalberith energize their deeply Satanic outpourings through raw thunderous black metal, a relentless tirade of hostility and a savage wall of noise!

Dutch Metal Maniac
… go listen to this release. It will blow your mind!

The Meads Of Asphodel  - The Middle Ages
A download only compilation album. It’s available via Bandcamp, as well as iTunes, Amazon etc…

The Middle Ages charts The Meads Of Asphodel from album number two, 2003’s Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua up until they signed to Candlelight Records in 2010.

Lords of Metal
… as a historical document it’s actually really nice.

Metal Rules
Although the band’s earlier works are certainly not to be missed, nor is this compilation, which charts the years from 2003 through to 2010 and serves a purpose as one of black metal’s most essential compilations.

Black Phoenix Rising
For the price you’re going to pay on Bandcamp though it’s still a great investment for both existing fans and newcomers alike, as well as being the perfect invitation to discover one of the UK’s most underrated bands and one of metal’s best kept secrets.

This is the release that’s a little bit different for the label. I love dark ambient music, so it was great to get HaatE on-board.

HaatE - … As The Moon Painted Her Grief
Cd and tape versions are being prepared right now. We’re just finishing the artwork. So release date for both, will be about September 1st. Download version is available via Bandcamp. And I’ve just received a bonus track which will only be available via the tape version.

You can read an interview with the band here:

Dark Underground Zine
 In  my  opinion  HaatE  are  a  very  great  sounding  dark  ambient  project  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  ep

Wonderbox Metal
And do you know what? The more I listen to it the more I like it. It’s shockingly good.
For Black Metal fans who don’t always need the Metal part.

The Wolves Of Avalon - Boudicca’s Last Stand
It’s not been an easy ride with The Wolves. First of all, the album was a month late and then it was offered on a multitude of Russian download sites, which resulting in the band requesting the album be removed from Bandcamp.

On The positive side, nearly all of the reviews have been outstanding. Especially the review from Black Phoenix Rising, which gave the album 10 out of 10

Wonderbox Metal
Final thoughts? Fantastic album. This is a contender for the Album of the Year slot.

Heavy Metal Saloon
… the material here ranges from great to sheer brilliance. The highlights are too many to mention. This is one of the first pagan or folky-influenced records (that isn't written by Rotting Christ) in absolutely ages that I can really devour

Metal Horizons
This is for the true folk fans, the fantasy fanatics, the dreamers of a day that has long passed. The impressive array of instruments really add to the atmosphere, flutes, mandolins, violins, cellos and accordions all add to the feeling that this album has taken you back in time.

And here’s an interview for you to view

There are features coming up in both Zero Tolerance and Terrorizer too.

You can buy a download of the album via iTunes, Amazon etc… and if you want a physical copy of the album, email Godreah Records at:  godreah@ntlworld.com

In Metal We Trust
This is a download only compilation of 11 underground bands. You can get the album via Bandcamp as a Name Your Price album

Helvete - Confederacy Of Hatred
This album is being put together right now. It’s a Black Metal compilation and will be available for free via Bandcamp from September 1st

Bands confirmed so far are:
Baalberith (UK)
Capgrass (Argentina)
Chiral (Italy)
Corruptor Ignis (Gibraltar)
Krajiny Hmly (Slovakia)
Nox Aeternum (USA)
Paimonia (Serbia)
Penumbra (Colombia)
Secrati (Belgium)
Skiddaw (UK)
Solar Deity (India)
Uburen (Norway)

The line-up will be completed in the next few days. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more details in the coming weeks

I will have an announcement of a new signing in the next week or so. It’s a South American Black Metal band and I’ll be re-issuing 2 demos + an album. I’m just sorting everything out right now.

And that’s just about it.

Here are all the links you need to keep up-to-date with the label.
Facebook is constantly updated and sixsixsixmusic.com is updated every one to two weeks. And this blog is normally updated every Sunday.

The Big Cartel shop will be expanded once all the new releases are out in a couple of weeks time

Sixsixsix Music