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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Metal Lucky Dip

As we head towards the end of the year, here's a round-up of the first 10 Sixsixsix Music cd releases and a chance to purchase some quality Metal at stupidly low prices

Here's the deal: You can buy 2 cds for £5 or 3 for just £7.
Titles will be selected at random - all cdr singles will be sent in plastic sleeves rather than slim jewel cases for this deal. If you buy the singles separately (@£2 each), you get the cd case

Skiddaw - Skiddaw EP (Helvete 001 CD)
UK Black Metal - 4 track EP

Baalberith - Apparition Of Skulls (Helvete 002 CD)

UK Black Metal - 7 track Album

Haate - .​.​.​. As The Moon Painted Her Grief (Helvete 003 CD)
Italian Dark Ambient - 3 track MCD

Eyes Of The Martyr (Helvete 004 CD)
Indian Groove Metal - 2 track CDR single

Nefarious Dusk (Helvete 005 CD)
UK Black Metal - 2 track CDR single

Necrocosm (Helvete 006 CD)

USA - Melodic Death 3 track CDR demo

Slaughter Throne (Helvete 007 CD)

UK Black Metal - 2 track CDR single

Born Undead - Violator Of Humanity (Helvete 008 CD)
UK/ France - Death Metal - 4 track demo in dvd case

HaatE / Chiral - Where Mountains Pierce The Nightsky (Helvete 009 CD)
Italy - Split album in dvd case - Dark Ambient/Black Metal 

Astrum Malum - Nether Knot (Helvete 010 CD)

Neo Classical / Ambient Black Metal from Finland 3 track demo in dvd case

You can buy the cds individually from my Big Cartel store http://sixsixsixmusic.bigcartel.com/

Or take pot luck and go a lucky dip


Lucky dip prices include free postage to the UK 
Haate/Chiral split is not included in the deal as there are only 10 copies available

Digital Releases
As well as the 10 cd releases, there are also some digital only releases available in the Sixsixsix Music Bandcamp store - including some free compilations and the new Deep Underground : United Kingdom compilation, which is just £2

HaatE / Chiral split is also available via iTunes and Amazon etc... and here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/haatechiral

Wolves of Avalon - Boudicca's Last Stand is also available via  iTunes and Amazon etc... and here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thewolvesofavalon

So it's been a busy 7 1/2 months at Sixsixsix HQ. Expect a lot more to come in the coming months. So please support Underground Metal

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