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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Deep Underground UK - Desolator


When I listen to you guys, it’s like the past 30 years haven’t ever happened. Who are your main influences and who introduced you to the bands?
Our main influence is heavy metal! There are really any particular bands that directly influence us as a whole, individually we have our own influences as musicians. To name specific groups that have influenced Desolator, we’d probably say something along the lines of Megadeth, Razor, Kreator, Motorhead etc... you know the fast heavy stuff!

It’s good to see a band doing things the old ways – gigging, t-shirts, cds etc… rather than just relying on the internet to do your promotion.  How important is it for you to keep up these traditions?
We think it’s important to keep that spirit alive, to us there’s no other alternative other than playing as many shows as we can, meeting new people, writing and releasing material. We’ll never be one of those bands that release a shiny music video, play a few shows a year and watch the YouTube hits go up. That’s not heavy metal!

You’ve not long finished the Accelerating Over UK tour. How did that go for you?
 It was really cool! We saw some new places as well as revisiting some of our favourite places. We knew it was very ambitious of us to go out and do a headline tour with only a few years and and album behind us, but it was totally DIY (with some help from a few friends) and was such a cool trip. We’re already starting to plan the next one, so look out!

You self released your debut album, Total Attack in 2013. Are you going to continue doing things for yourself, or do you think you need a label to take you to the next level?
Until we get an offer that really benefits the band we will continue to be self sufficient. We’ve had some interest from labels, but unfortunately they are not offering anything we can’t do ourselves. We’ve done pretty well so far on our own, so until something really good comes up we’ll continue to speed on in our own way.

You’re off to Germany next year for the Thrash 'N' Speed Mania V festival. I’m guessing that could open a few big doors for…. Maybe someone like Nuclear Blast could notice you. What are your ambitions for the band and what’s your ultimate goal?
Yes! Playing Germany is one of our dreams, so we are really excited for that. We’re not out to get noticed by big labels – we’re realistic about it. Really, all we wanna do is play our brand of heavy metal to people all over the world, write killer songs, play our hearts out and enjoy everything that comes with it. We’re not trying to be the next big thing or reinvent the wheel, but if people enjoy our music and continue coming to our shows – that’s what our goal is really.

Apart from your jaunt to Germany, what’s next for Desolator?
We have some cool shows lined up for next year – supporting Hirax in our hometown will be very special. We’ve got some all day thrash festivals coming up in 2015 also, and plans to tour UK again and definitely want to hit Europe again. We’re writing some excellent material for the next album, so who knows, that may even surface in 2015! 

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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