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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lunarsapien - Summoning The Aether

Lunarsapien – Summoning The Aether
I had the pleasure of listening to this album for the 1st time on a special show on Funereal Drone radio. The whole show was just this album, a huge 74 minute track of menacing ambience.

Reviewing one massive track isn’t easy as there are no breaks or cut off points, the track seems to go on forever, as can I in some of my reviews. But the overall feel of this album is, for me, a sewer dwelling creature, who isn’t attacking you, but is threatening to do so. The threat leaves you backed up into a corner with little, or no chance of escape. Something tells me I’ve spent a lot of my time playing Resident Evil.

But that’s what this album feels like to me. It’s feral, yet at the same time, restrained, because the vocals – or animal noises, as I interpret them, are full of menace, whilst the musical backdrop is soothing ambience. And with another video game reference, this could be the soundtrack to Silent Hill. Again, it’s my interpretation of the music, but the music makes me feel like I’m lost in a sea of fog.

This is a beautiful creation and one that creates vivid images within your mind. And for me, that’s the power of music and why I constantly seek out gems, such as this.

At the time of me writing this review, the album is available as a free download, so you’ve no excuse for not checking this out.

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