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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Deep Underground UK - Reclvse

Formed in 2013, three musicians embarked upon a mission of pure DOOOM, recorded their first release in 2014 and made it available for free online as well as for sale as a CD. They continue to write and record.

I’m loving the band name. Is it because you feel adrift of the rest of the UK scene in South Wales?
Or is just a good name for a Doom band?
 J. It’s a good name for a Doom band - it is also to do with isolation and the emotions appropriate to the style, glad you like the name RECLVSE.
B. The name suits as we spend time in Ceri’s dimly lit flat listening to a lot of metal and doom.

I’ve stayed in Mumbles (Langland Bay, to be precise) the past few years and it’s such a beautiful part of the country. You’re surrounded by a lot of natural beauty, so why is your music so gloomy?
 C. This is the rainiest city in Wales, and I think Mumbles gets the worst of it. It is the music we set out to make.
J. Yes there is natural beauty in Wales which helps to keep me sane but there is also urban and social decay – the music we make offers some kind of catharsis to me and hopefully the listener. There can also be elements of black humour intended which some have picked up on, having said that the track included in this compilation is the most solemn of the three on our release.
B. We do have the Gower close providing the natural beauty. Swansea city itself though can be a dark place when the clouds gather.

You’re a relatively new band, yet your demo has received some excellent press. How pleased are you with the progress you’ve made so far? 
C. I think the progress shows in our new songs. As far as press I am very pleased, it has been both supportive and constructive.
J. We are completely DIY and just as skint, therefore have had to be innovative in our techniques – I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out and been received. We are working on new material and believe that has great potential. So yeah, chuffed, DOOOOOOM!
B. The demo has reached quite far and been compared to some great music.

Retro sounding Doom, mainly bands with female singers, have been flavour of the month recently. Does that give Doom more coverage than it normally receives and does that filter down to bands like yourselves? 
C. I don’t know. I listen to a lot of these bands so it’s good from my perspective.
J. Well I’m a man and I’ve never been the flavour of any month haha. Yes there is great female talent out there, some of which I would consider influences – all we tend to do is express ourselves and not worry about bandwagons. We’ll be doing this style for as long as we’re all getting something out of it and have ideas worthy of developing.

You mention that you were working on a split release with another Doom band. How’s that progressing and when can we expect to hear some new music? 
C. Yes, that is where we hope the new songs will appear. As for as time scales, maybe early 2015 if things go well.
J. Yeah, there’s nothing set in stone as yet but it does look promising, this is an exciting step for us – watch this abyss! Cheers Steve.

RECLVSE demo available for streaming & free download here: https://reclvse.bandcamp.com
News and photos available here: https://www.facebook.com/RECLVSE

The demo is also available to buy from these distros:
Todestrieb Records (UK) http://distro.todestrieb.co.uk
Shadow Kingdom Records (USA) http://store.shadowkingdomrecords.com
Hells Headbangers Records (USA) http://shop-hellsheadbangers.com


Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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