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Monday, 3 November 2014

Tyrant’s Kall - Dagon

Tyrant’s Kall - Dagon
It’s getting to that time of year again when I start thinking about my favourite album of the past 12 months.  Tyrant’s Kall might not have stolen the top spot, but I think Dagon will just about dent my top 10.

Starting off with a deathly instrumental that speeds up towards the end, the scene is gradually set for the splendour of the Lovecraft influenced, Ia Cthulu.

Now before I played this album for the 1st time, I hadn’t read the biog, so had no idea that Tyrant’s Kall had a female vocalist at the helm. So when Esmee Tabasco’s  growled vocals appeared, I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. Before the songs ends, her style does change, just slightly, and this is a sign of things to come.

The whole retro Doom thing is in danger of being overdone already, but Tyrant’s Kall buck this trend by mixing up Death Metal and elements of Doom with 70s Rock. I think most of the retro female singers borrow heavily from 60s Hippy Icon, Grace Slick and the situation is pretty similar here too. With the cleaner vocals containing a mix of Hippy and Occult leanings. Sinister and groovy, and a joy to listen to.

Tyrant’s Kall remind me of Cathedral in places too, like the thick groovy guitars on Mankind’s Damnation. A “Huggy Bear, oh yeah”, would have been a nice addition, had Lee Dorrian not already done that on Utopian Blaster.

But that should give you an idea of where this album will take you. It’s heavy as hell in places, but it does possess that feelgood factor that made Cathedral such an enjoyable listen. So if you want a darker journey than Cathedral offered up, this could be the album for you.

Another quality release from the good people at Witches Brew.

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