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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Deep Underground UK - Daniel Wax Off

Daniel Wax Off

I know most bands get asked about their name and it gets very boring after a while. But I have to ask about the name Daniel Wax Off. My interpretation is that it’s a tribute to masturbation, as in Daniel Whacks Off. Please tell me I’m wrong.
We started as a Japanese influenced thrash band .......Rose Rose, Jellyroll Rockheads, Exclaim, Crucial Section. And a band called Flash Gordon who have a song called Daniel Wax Off! So that how we got our name.

We still cover that song and it's on Puttin Oot Da Thrash.

Your music is so old school, it takes me back to the 80s when I first discovered Suicidal Tendencies. Have you any plans for a vinyl or tape release. Or have you embraced the digital world we now live in?

Yeah as well as Jap thrash we love DRI , Excel , Suicidal Tendencies and all those old crossover bands ......all the old bands did tape and vinyl releases and we are hoping to have Night Of Da Shred pressed pretty soon as well as the Flipped Up Records 7 inch comp which comes out soon. Having said that bandcamp is pretty easy to use!!!!

I noticed that you play live quite often. How popular is the Crossover scene in Scotland? And do you often play on mixed bills or do you stick to the Thrash and Skater scenes?
Crossover is pretty dead in Scotland the only bands that i know of are Genetic Mutation(rip) and Kingpin, but there are loads of good hardcore, crust, punk and metal bands so we do play mixed bills a lot which we think is the whole idea of the crossover scene. exposing punks to metal and metal heads to hardcore.......yeah and the whole band are/were skaters, so we do play a lot to skaters at parks and stuff.

You’ve had some press in places like Argentina. Do the skateboarding community stick together when it comes to music? (Unlike some other musical genres)
So many skaters are into the trendy scene these days...skateboarding is what it is but we prefer the more gnarly type, so with regards to the scene it is pretty divided style, fashion wise.  And music wise but we tend to stick together and support each other regardless!!!!!

You’re set to appear on the Let’s Thrash compilation later this year. Have you any more recording plans in the pipeline?
We are always writing new material and there is talk about recording a bit of a covers album........Spermbirds , Stupids,  Intense Degree, Suicidal, DRIi,Jailcell Recipes, Nuclear Assault are some of the bands we would like to maybe do.

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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