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Monday, 3 November 2014

Circle of Indifference - Shadows Of Light

Circle of Indifference - Shadows Of Light

I love the concept of this album. It’s essentially a one man band, but with a little help from around the world.

The majority of the music is handled by the albums mastermind, Dagfinn Øvstrud. Who is from Norway, but lives in Sweden. The vocals are handled by Brandon Leigh Polaris, who is in Belgium, with a solitary offering from Nikki Monney on one track. She’s in the US. And there are smaller contributions from Tyler Teeple (Canada) and Aybars Altay (Germany).

And the bit of the concept I like, none of these people have ever met. It’s an album created via the internet.

So after that build up, the album had better be worth it…..

Musically, the core of this album is Melodic Death. And even though the majority of the vocals are handled by one singer, I’m still reminded of the type of concept album created by Arjen Lucassen. It sounds nothing like an Ayreon album, it’s just the vibe I’m picking up on. Possibly because of the futuristic feel on some of the songs and some of the vocal variations.

And if you didn’t know any different, you’d say this album was created by a bunch of hairy Scandinavians, all in the same studio. It has a natural flow about it and Brandon’s vocals fit the music perfectly. And everything is enhanced by Tyler’s wonderful lead guitar work. Everything just fits together seamlessly.

When you read about Dagfinn (on his website) there’s something refreshingly honest about him. As with most albums, there’s been a lot of work put into creating this release. And I hope that all of the hard work is rewarded, both financially and critically.

I’m going to show my appreciation by sending him some interview questions for my forthcoming Metal Legions magazine. This is an exceptionally good project that needs to be nourished.

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