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Saturday, 11 October 2014


Innsmouth - The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Danish trio Innsmouth mix up two different styles of Metal I'm not really a fan of. Those being technical Death and an 80s style of widdly widdly shredding.

So it'll probably come as a surprise to most people, myself included, that I actually think this is ok.

I think the main reason that I get on with this album, is that the band don't dwell on one style for too long. One minute they'll brutalize you and the next minute they are shredding away as if their lives depended on it and then off they go for a brutal gallop or two and they calm things down again with sublime solos and lilting tones.

And despite the juxtaposition of styles, everything feels like a natural fit, which is probably down to the song-writing skills of the band. Everything flows. The technical side of the band isn't the jarring type that I just don't get. This is more about a group of musicians being good at what they do and having the skills to create something that keeps your attention throughout. 

The biography of the band had me dreading this before I'd even heard a note, but the actual execution of their various influences has been a very pleasant surprise


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