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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Deep Underground UK - Blind Spite

What is the history behind Blind Spite?
Blind Spite was formed in 1996 in Cumbria, and since then has been through myriad line-up changes and refinements of sound, culminating in the more blackened sound on our last two releases. We've gigged around the country in various iterations with more gigs on the way in support of Extinction Event.

Who are your main inspirations musically? 
In terms of other bands, the influences we draw on are hugely varied. The main bias is between black metal such as Emperor, Altar of Plagues, Hate Forest et al and Death metal along the lines of Morbid Angel, Immolation and Death, though the variation externally to that ranges through from Drone and Noise through to Thrash, Doom and pretty much everything in between - between the members. We all generally have things that are a big influence personally that other members don't like so much, which is important in that it forces influences to be incorporated as into the whole outfit in new ways, particularly with the way heavy music as a whole is diversifying in the contemporary climate.  The main driving force is definitely the blend of Black and Death metal though. That mix of atmosphere and pounding brutality, that exists between the two genres.

You've released 5 EPs now, is there an ambition for a full length or is it to be a more short release schedule? 
Not as such - We tend to record things fairly organically, so a release is dictated by when it feels naturally ready to go. This is also dictated to a certain degree by lineup changes, but we are currently sitting at our strongest to date, and progress towards another release within the year seems positive. What length or form that will take remains to be seen...

What is the scene like around your home? 
We're now based in both the North East and North West, with two members living in Newcastle, so we often play in the North East, as the scene in Cumbria is not particularly great (though there are slowly growing hidden gems gig wise periodically), predominately due to geography - it's a lot more difficult to get people together and build a scene when cities are so small and bands and transport networks are so separate. The North East scene on the other hand is thriving and expanding, and allows for a great deal of gigs on very varied bills.

What's been the best moment in the band's career so far? 
The whole progress towards the release of Extinction Event has been a major positive for us, particularly the involvement of Legion Blotan and their support in helping us release it. The whole set up has put us in a very promising position looking forward, both in a live setting and in recording more material. That is probably the key thing - the best moment is that it provides us with even more means of moving forward.

Is there any local bands or bands you've played with that you'd recommend us to check out? 
We're all involved in various other bands below:

Plague Rider (Technical Death Metal, the Jake and James Play in) www.facebook.com/PlagueRiderUK
Lump Hammer (Repetitive riffy sludge that James is involved in) www.facebook.com/hammerslumps
Recusant (DSBM featuring Matthew and James) soundcloud.com/plaintivebearer
Censored (Stoner Rock with Anthony on drums) www.facebook.com/themightycensored
Dolmen Dweller (James's Vocal Drone project) https://dolmendweller.bandcamp.com/album/exit-from-the-nest-temple
Colugo (James and Jake's ambient project) https://soundcloud.com/c-o-l-u-g-o

Other bands that we've played with worth checking out:

And there are so many more - the scene through the North East and into Scotland is really excellent at the moment.

Thanks for your time, please end by telling us why we should check out your material? 
If you're a fan of people doing something new with the existing metal format and pushing boundaries whilst still maintaining that degree of force that lies at the roots of heavy music, then we're a good choice. Immersive atmospheres and pummelling sounds to enforce the idea of your own pale insignificance in the face of the vast uncaring universe.

Our bandcamp is here: https://blindspite.bandcamp.com
Our Soundcloud stream is here: https://soundcloud.com/blind-spite

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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