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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Deep Underground UK - Slaughter Throne

Slaughter Throne

What is the history of Slaughter Throne? How did you guys come together?
Well the band's name "Slaughter Throne" had been an idea of Adam's (our vocalist) for years. He had read a tale of a king that faced his enemies in battle and made a throne from their bones. Andy, (our lead guitarist), had been in several unsuccessful bands before Slaughter Throne, however through these past experiences, his song writing had progressed and his preferred style became blackened death metal. Adam and Andy met at Bloodstock 2013 and they were both looking for new projects at the time, as both of their current band's weren't working out. After Bloodstock, Andy sent Adam a track he had written and it all took off from there. Our former drummer was found online advertising to join either a thrash, black or death metal band so we now almost had a full line up. Our rhythm guitarist, Liam met Adam at a call centre and he happened to be a black metal fan, what are the chances? Adam had told Liam about the band and he was intrigued to find out more about it. After being shown a rough recording of "Baptizo de sanguis, Liam was sold." The next addition to the band was Brant, our bassist. At this point we had recorded two demo tracks and Brant had shown interest in the band. He had a few financial problems, however managed to look past them and join Slaughter Throne. The final addition to the band that completes our current line up, is Stephen, our drummer. Andy already briefly knew Stephen from attending several of his band Tyrant's gigs over the past year or so. As we had played with Tyrant a few times with our old drummer, Stephen had took notice of us. Therefore, after we had parted ways with our old drummer, Stephen contacted us, asking if he could audition. As we had booked studio time to record out EP, his audition actually ended up being the performance used for the EP. He learnt our tracks in under a week, which was very impressive, how could we say no to that?

Your 'Wrath of An Ancient Darkness' EP has gotten some good reviews, including from myself. Who are your main musical inspirations?
 Our main musical inspirations as a band, would definitely have to be Behemoth, Watain and Belphegor.

Do you come from a thriving local scene, or is there not much of that in Leeds?
 There’s certainly a great Metal Scene up in Leeds. There’s a bugger-load of bands from all different sub-genres of Metal constantly gigging in the area. There was a Thrash Metal all-dayer in August, and we’re on the line-up for Gorefest later this month, which is a Black/Death Metal all-dayer. You also can’t forget that Damnation Festival is held in Leeds every year, which always has a marvelous line-up!

Who are the best bands you've played with that we don't know about?
Valafar and Sathamel are probably the best extreme bands we’ve gigged with and they’re all really awesome people.  Pravitas are another great local band. They’re more Tech metal, but they’re so incredibly tight as a band, and their guitarists are bloody amazing. Last but not least Mountains Crave, which we have played with several times already. A fine atmospheric black metal band indeed.

Finally, what's next on the cards for Slaughter Throne, a new release, more gigs? 
Many more gigs are on the cards and we’re currently writing quite a few new songs that are leaning more towards the black metal side of the spectrum, so we shall hopefully be producing another EP in the near-future with some marvellously dark new material!

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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