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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dimenzion: Psychosphere - Collapse

Dimenzion: Psychosphere - Collapse

I think I’m going around in circles today. The label has described Dimenzion: Psychosphere as Industrial and I’m arguing the point to myself as to whether I’d label them the same way.

Dimenzion: Psychosphere, who hail from the Black Metal stronghold of Norway, are not an Industrial band, as far as I’m concerned. Yes there are references that can be made with Prong, circa Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck, so the mechanical feel of that era can be felt here, as can certain backing vocals, which you wouldn’t find out of place on an album featuring Al Jourgensen.

But if you really want to dissect this, the melodies are not too dissimilar to something like Melodic Death, but Melodic Death that’s being performed by Killing Joke. And then the continued pounding, albeit at a slow Doomy pace, draws me back to the Industrial argument again.

But the vocals, at times, veer off into stunning melodic realms and this feels like an epic album that someone influenced by a tuneful version of Alice In Chains would create. Void is a truly epic track and its beauty is utterly captivating.

So forget my mental state and inability to make my mind up and check out Dimenzion: Psychosphere for yourselves. If you like anything from Alice In Chains or Soundgarden, through Killing Joke to Prong, even some lead guitar work that Wolf Hoffmann of Accept would be proud of, there’s plenty of quality to be found on this album.

In a word, classy.

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