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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Deep Underground UK - Wisdom Without Worship

Wisdom Without Worship was born after years of frustration and stagnation within the almost non existent Cornish metal scene. We are a two piece band who wish to push the boundaries of extreme metal.

Your music is some of the most extreme and unorthodox I’ve ever come across. What drives you create such chaos?
What drives us is a blend ov frustration, will power, hate and anger all driving towards the core ov life. The quest for wisdom without worship.

How much does your surroundings influence your music? Last years harsh winter must have been a huge source of inspiration.
Our surroundings are hugely inspirational we live in a forgotten corner of Britain where nature still rules the landscapes, the earth is a huge source ov energy and the inexorable spirit ov nature is something we are very much aware ov. The harsh winter was certainly an inspiration but no more than the rest ov the year everything is cylclyptic in its energy and so we must draw from everywhere experiences flow into our minds.

You take such care with the presentation of your music, digipack releases, lyrics sheets etc… Is the physical format still important to you?
To us, as we both owning substantial extreme music collections it is hugely important. A physical collection ov extreme sound to us is an integral part of becoming a extreme music lifer. When you purchase our music it is not just a different arrangement ov sounds you have heard before it is rather a piece ov art that we have hewn from the barriers that hold back the chaostream. 

To allow the owner a glimpse ov what lies ahead in our realm ov chaos the whole physical package is part ov our history you now share with us. So yes the physical format is the be all and end all.

Having grown up in the same area of Cornwall where you yourself live, how did you discover Metal in such a desolate musical wilderness?
Personally I have the film Ace Ventura to thank for my gateway to extreme metal, back then it was a lot of hard work finding out about and exploring the underground extreme music world (especially in Cornwall which has practicaly nothing). Mail order catalogues etc where the only contact with the wider world it is much easier and better now with the Internet although some ov the magic has certainly been lost along the way.

I know you’re actively looking for new collaborations for you to add vocals to. What sort of projects are you looking to form?
I am first and foremost a extreme metal vocalist I learnt to play other instruments because I had no alternative (and subsequently ended up loving it). I am just looking for projects to try out different things with. It would be nice to have some criteria to fulfil, for example someone may want the black metal style for one project and someone else may want pure death growl for another and anything inbetween I'm open to experimentation ov the chords.

And no-one will have a clue what I’m talking about here, but having seen the pictures of you dancing around St Just during Lafrowda 2014, did any of them end up in the Cornishman?
Ha! Not so far as I know? I like to drink a lot and I guess the thing about living in a small community and waking up not having a clue what you did the night before is that everyone else always does. ;-) Still I'd never change it. kernow bys vyken! 

\m/Grandfather Nebulous\m/

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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