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Monday, 27 October 2014

Deep Underground UK - Austerymn

How did Austerymn start, I understand the band has quite a history going back a long way?
Yes in fact it was 24 years ago, back in 1990 we formed. The exact details are hazy now! But basically I'd (Rik) been in an Iron Maiden cover band from 87-89 but had been turned on to the heavier side of things by Critch and a mutual friend Mark around 89. I was already a big thrash fan but as soon as I heard death metal I wanted to play that way! But remember back then there were not many bands in the UK playing that style. Thrash was what sold and soon grunge took over from thrash! Critch was in from the beginning but we just couldn't get a stable line up. We recorded the Dead demo in 1990 (under the name of Perpetual Infestation) on a mates 4 track. Then in 1993 recorded at a real studio the Visions Of The End demo (as Godless Truth). With good friends on Drums and Keyboards but both of them were only booked for this session they had no desire to play our kind of music.

Then we went our separate ways when we went to university!
I was still writing/demoing potential material until 1996. But nothing ever came of it!

Who are the band's main musical influences?
I could write a huge list but the originals I guess, Death, Autopsy, Master, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost, Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Obituary, At The Gates. (Sweden in general) new bands to like Cruciamentum. But loads more!

What drew you to play death metal?
When you're 14/15 years old and you hear something this new and fresh that seems to sum up how you're feeling then as a musician you got to do it!! Plus music generally is a positive way to get rid of negative energy, no matter what type of music you play, metal, hip hop, pop - whatever if you enjoy it and it helps you great! The same with sports, art or anything like that!
I've lost good friends over the years as they had nothing positive to draw on when things got shit!
I did, I'd thrash my guitar until my fingers bled or smash the hell out of a drum kit.
Death Metal became a part of who I am!

What is the next step for Austerymn, gigging, more releases?
 We have been doing shows most of this year and they will continue around the UK into next year!
April 15 will see the release of our debut album on Memento Mori records! I've just seen the front cover and it looks sick! Totally old school DM! It's a drawing/painting like in the old days!!

Finally, please tell us what it is about Austerymn that should make people seek you out from all those other bands out there?
Well there is tons to choose from and so many good bands, but all I can say is we are true to the old school because we were there! We've lived it for 24 years and we give a shit! We give 110% every time we pick up a guitar or a drum stick be that live or in a studio setting! Wearing our hearts on our sleeves!
We are not about re-inventing the wheel! We are about doing the old school justice by doing it well!!


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