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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Deep Underground UK - Nefarious Dusk / Torver

 Paul who is in both Nefarious Dusk and Torver answered some questions from Sandy

What is the history of Nefarious Dusk?
Nefarious Dusk was started in the winter of 2007 by me and Aske when we recorded the original version of God is Dead which was never released, we then tried to make the project into a live band but that didn't last too long so we ended up putting everything on hold until 2011 when I decided to bring it back, but didn't really do anything with the project until around late 2013 when I got Azrael of Ethereal Forest involved with the project and since then we have been working on an album which will consist of material dating back to 2007 but all recorded between 2013 - 2014.

What inspires the music of Nefarious Dusk?
Anti - religion as that's what we are mainly about.

Is there a good scene around your home town?
No, as I live in a small town on the north shore of the estuary of the River Duddon in Cumbria, surrounded by mountains, valleys forests and sea, so as you can imagine it's a pretty isolated place, so not many bands or even Metal fans.
But we do hold the highest number of Black Metal projects between me and three others who are from Millom. 

Do you have any more new music in the pipeline?
We have just recorded Hans Siste Vinter by Darkthrone which will appear on One Cold Night In Norway, a tribute to Darkthrone which should be released during December.
Also we're currently in the progress of working towards an album titled In Northern Mist,  and that's all I can say about that really.
Expect it to be released some time next year.

What is the most important element of black metal for you?
For me it has to be the atmosphere of course, I really enjoy bands that manage to bring a load of atmosphere and creativity to their music. For example early Emperor with their first album In the Nightside Eclipse that album contains stacks of atmosphere and other bands like Zyklon B, Judas Iscariot, Sear Bliss, early Dimmu Borgir and countless other bands that use synths and keyboards in their music which add to the atmosphere.

What's the history of Torver
Torver originally known as Sitri started around 2012 when me and Burn's decided to do a side project with some material that we felt wasn't suited to Helvellyn.  We ended up working on a split release with our friends Funeral Path, which is now finished and being released on cassette by Mordgrimm records. 

What inspires the music of Torver?
The first Torver release was inspired by demonology, anti - religion and Blackened Punk more in the vein of NatteForst and maybe a tiny bit of late Darkthrone with the style of drums we used. But with our new line up we have taken a different direction, it's still primitive but we have a new vocalist and Azrael has joined us on synths so it will have a different sound once we have it finished.

Do you have any more new music in the pipeline?
Indeed we do, we are working on a split release with another UKBM band who we are friends with.

I can't give out to much information about the split, but it will be released during early December and it's one I'm looking forward to.

Deep Underground United Kingdom is available for just £2 from Bandcamp

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