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Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Blood

No real intro tonight as I have very little time. But here's 3 reviews to keep the ball rolling.

I'll have an update in the next few days about the latest happenings with Sixsixsix Music. And you can always keep an eye on the latest goings on via Facebook as I post there most days

I’m going to start this weeks reviews, completely out of my comfort zone.

Estuarine are a one man project out of Tampa, Florida, who have relocated to beautiful Sweden. Musically, this wouldn’t normally be a beautiful prospect for me as its technical, twist and turn, get jazzy at times and a blur of notes followed by serenity. The sort of shit I normally hate. But this is simply brilliant.

The time changes blend together perfectly, the technical showing off at how good you are bits, leave me in awe at how good they are. There’s no self indulgent wank going on here. It’s a technically gifted musician making (good) music.

Style wise, there’s a whole lot going on. Death, Shoegaze, Grind, Jazzy bits, quiet bits, loud bits, bits of Black Metal… all the different kind of bits you can name. As it’s now a Swedish band, I guess calling it a Smörgåsbord of Metal would be an appropriate description.

I guess this will appeal to those that like this style already. But if you are broadminded, give this one a shot as well. You might be pleasantly surprised


Discovering new bands can be like meeting people for the first time. Sometimes you get on fine, sometimes you hate them and other times, well, you’re just blown away on your first meeting.

The latter is what happened to me when I found Morthus on YouTube. Style wise, this is so compatible with my tastes, it’s not true.

A quick rewind and we’ll make the introductions first. Morthus are from Poland and my new best friend is an EP called The Abyss.

This is a blend of majestic Black Metal with Deathly vocals and small interludes into twin guitar Traditional Metal. Imagine Amon Amarth incorporating a Black Metal style into their music, with a few elements of real Heavy Metal, via the guitars and a bit of background vocals. 

You mix all of these styles up and Morthus have just nailed it.

I’m gutted that there’s only 3 tracks on offer, as I’d love to hear more,  but the quality is so good, I can’t really complain (that much). For my own personal taste, this is just about perfect

This is why I spend hours trawling the underground, listening to 100’s of bands every month, just to find gems like this.

I don’t think the music industry will ever fully recover from the change it’s going through right now. Until everyone starts paying for music again, it’s kind of fucked.

Doing a kickstart campaign is something I’ve thought about for my label. It’s something that I’d like to do, if I could think of a perfect business plan. Or something better than, “I’d like to release a cd a month for the next year”.

And this leads nicely on to West Yorkshire mob, Valafar

They’re looking to finance an EP and have a funding campaign going on here:

It’s an ambitious project, as they want to reach £1500 to do the job properly, with decent production etc… and possibly a vinyl version

So before you all run off and donate loads of money (we can dream) it’s best to check out their last release to see if it’s any good.

For £2 you can get their last EP, Ritual Of The Diabolical, from Bandcamp

It’s an extremely potent mix of Doom, Death, and a bit of Thrash and a few traces of Viking Metal. And it delivers a battering ram sized clout to your senses.

It’s rock fucking solid Extreme Metal. And it’s good enough for me to want to see what these boys can do in the future. And I’ll definitely offer them support by means of (free) publicity and whatever else I can do to further their cause.

It would be too cheesy of me to end this review with some crap like “the future of Extreme metal in the UK” or similar type platitudes. So I’m going off to buy their demo, even though I’ve been playing the bugger all day on Bandcamp. So please go off and do the same.  Even if it’s just for £2, go and support our up and coming bands. They deserve all the support they can get.

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