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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Tainted Society - Open Source/Skull Incision Split EP

A Tainted Society - Open Source​/​Skull Incision Split EP

I fucked this review up completely earlier as I got the bands mixed up. Now I know who recorded what, it’s time for take 2 of the review

Open Source start with a strange plinky plonky intro before, we are greeted with howling wind and a tolling bell, before a musical jewellery box sound segues into a slow beat. The atmosphere continues to build and just when you are expecting a huge explosion, it plateaus and stays on the same steady beat.

The sound quality and the atmospherics are spot on, but some vocals, even a few screams, wouldn’t go amiss, just to enhance the music.

Skull Incision’s contribution is the colossal 9 minutes 30 second finale of Our Film Jumped Out The Window. Which is the only real song on here.

As with Open Source’s music, the feel is still of oppression and droning ambience, but this time you get tortured Black Metal vocals before a thundering bass rips through the air and the dirge drives forward with ferocious pulsating beats. Something akin to being pulverised by a room full of lunatics, all brandishing sledgehammers and with a willingness to smash your brains in for fun.

This certainly isn’t a pleasant listen, and it’s not meant to be one. So, if you’re looking for some fucked up ambience, you know where to look

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