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Monday, 8 September 2014

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding
Doing a crowd funding type campaign is the modern way of getting ahead for many projects and businesses.

I’ve considered doing one myself. But sometimes the charges are a bit of the steep side from the companies hosting your pledge

So here’s my own DIY fund raiser. All payments are to be made via Paypal, so you are all protected by Paypal’s guarantees

So far I’ve released 2 cds, Skiddaw and Baalberith and there are 2 more in the pipeline for later this month, HaatE and Toxoid. Tapes are also being planned for 3 of the releases.

After that there will be 3 non-profit singles/demo’s all costing just £1 + postage
But to make these, I’ve got to pay for professionally duplicated inlays + I have to get the cd cases and the cds themselves, as well as a cd burner

Christmas Cards are next on the agenda, with Black Metal and various Metal related themes being created. All cards will professionally made on luxury 350 gsm card and will measure 105mm x 105mm.

Also due for release is a digital compilation featuring 16 underground bands from the UK. After that, it’ll be one for Indian bands. Luckily these projects cost virtually nothing to produce, mainly just my time.

And that takes us up to the end of the year. With just the debut album from Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Unfolded planned for the New Year, so far.

To get all of this done in the next few weeks won’t cost a crazy amount, so I’m only looking to raise around the £250 mark.

So if you’re interested in helping out, here’s how you can do it:

There are various releases in the Sixsixsix Music Bandcamp store. Prices range from £1 to £4 or you can pay whatever you like https://sixsixsixmusic.bandcamp.com/

Skiddaw cds
The bands EP is available for £4 postage paid in the UK

Baalberith cds
Their new album, Apparition Of Skulls is out now, priced at just £6 including postage

Skiddaw + Baalberith
Buy 1 of each cd for just £8: Saving £2 on the normal price

Advance Orders

The forthcoming MCD will be available later in the month. 3 tracks of Dark Ambience from Italy, clocking in at about 34 minutes
Will come in a slim case – advance copies just £4

Black Metal from India. This 6 track cd will set you back just £6.66 and you’ll get a free badge with it as well

CDR Singles and Demo’s
So far I have lined up a 2 track single by UK Black Metal band Nefarious Dusk and Necrocosm, a Melodic Death band from the USA, with a re-issue of their 3 track demo
The 3rd release will be announced very soon
If you buy all 3, the cost is just £4.50 in the UK and you will also receive a free cd single from Unfolded

And if anyone is feeling particularly generous, you can buy all of the cds for £25 (UK) and you’ll receive them all in one package with some free Metal related goodies

Anyone wanting any cds from overseas, here’s a rough guide to postage prices from the UK
Europe 1 cd costs £3.20, but to send 2 cds is only about £3.70
Rest of World 1 cd = about £4, but to send 2 cds is only about £5
Email me if you’d like an exact price on anything

Christmas Cards
This will be ready sometime in late October, plenty of time before Christmas
You can buy a pack of 10 cards in the UK for just £6.66 and there will be 5 different designs to choose from. The standard pack will include 2 of each design, but you can choose whichever ones you want.

Please direct all emails to steve@sixsixsixmusic.com or contact me via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sixsixsixmusic/1405099836423721

Many thanks for your time



Sixsixsix Music

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