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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Endless Recovery - Mist - Alitor

I‘ve been very pleased with the number of views my blog is now getting, currently bubbling just under 300 views a week. So I will try and write a few more reviews and features each week.

Sixsixsix Music Label News
I should have the 1st batch of non-profit cds ready for next week. Everything is ready to go off for printing later today.

For those of you who haven’t heard about these yet, basically they are going to be cdr singles/demo’s, which will have professionally duplicated sleeves, just a 2 sided inlay and they’ll come in slim cases. Selling price is just £1 + postage.

I have 4 confirmed releases, which should be here at the end of next week. They are
Eyes Of The Martyr - India Groove Metal  2 track single
Necrocosm - USA Melodic Death 3 track demo re-issue
Nefarious Dusk - UK Black Metal 2 track single
Slaughter Throne - UK Black Metal 2 track single

There will be an initial run of 50 cds for each band. And anyone buying 2 or more cds will also receive a free Sixsixsix Music sampler cd. I’ll have postage prices and multi buy options available from tomorrow. Or email me at steve@sixsixsixmusic.com to reserve your copy/copies

And if you’ve not downloaded the free compilation Helvete: Confederacy of Hatred, my account has just been topped up and there’s 200 free copies available again this month

Endless Recovery - Resistant Bangers

Endless Recovery are a Greek band and this is a 2 track 7” single, which proceeds their 2nd album which is due out next year on Witches Brew.

I’m sitting on the fence a bit with this one. I love the quickfire riffing, which is just old school Metal. In fact everything about this screams the 80s, including the Speed Metal/Thrash Metal overtones and gang-shout vocals. The reason I’m sitting on the fence is that I’m not a big fan of the vocals, which go from a deep growl to a high pitch scream at the speed of catching your cock in a zipper. (Which I did once on a train while I was touring Europe)

So, I completely love the music, but the vocals, which aren’t bad, just not to my taste, leave me feeling a little deflated. Just like the accident with my zip.


Mist were a Slovenian all female Doom band. I say were, as they’ve just added a male guitar player as one of the band members is either pregnant, or has just had a baby

So now it’s mainly ladies, with one heavily outnumbered guy.

The band are giving away their 2 track demo from last year via Bandcamp, so it would be rude not to give them a plug here.

And before you give them a listen, forget about any preconceptions that this might sound like the rest of the female fronted Retro/Occult bands doing the rounds right now. These ladies are a lot heavier than the rest.

This is classic, ponderous Doom in the vein of Pentagram and Black Sabbath, and free from any retro gimmicks or psychedelia. There’s shedloads of melody, but without any compromise. This is heavy as hell, but you can still nod your head along with the faultless rhythms.

Of the 2 tracks, The Living Dead is a real highlight and a nice way to whet your appetite for their forthcoming EP

Alitor - Eternal Depression

Alitor are from Serbia. A country who have provided me with a lot of listening pleasure the past few months. Most of the Serbian bands I’ve discovered recently have been either Black Metal, or have Black Metal influences in their sound. And every single one of them has been superb.

Alitor keep the quality ratio at its zenith, but their music is Bay Area Thrash, without a sniff of Satan to be found anywhere near any of the 8 songs on this album.

Upon hearing this album, it’s hard to believe that it’s their debut and they’ve only been around for about 3 years, with just an EP to their name. Alitor sound like an experienced band on the top of their game. Everything about Eternal Depression screams quality.

This is heads down, fist banging Thrash. With clear, powerful vocals. I suppose like a cartoon free version of Anthrax, or a more polished take on what Exodus do. The only real difference between Alitor and the bands I’ve mentioned is that Alitor don’t have the big choruses. But they more than make up for this with musicianship. Everything sounds just about perfect.

I’ve been impressed with the bands I’ve heard from Witches Brew so far. Someone at the label obviously has a very good ear. And Alitor are a very good addition to their roster.

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