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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

In Metal We Trust Volume 1

In Metal We Trust Volume 1 is out now for the bargain price of just $1

You can buy the album here: http://sixsixsixmusic.bandcamp.com/ 

Crucifixion BR - Eternal Judgement
Sorrowseed - Arcana (of the Lich Queen)
Heid - Golpejar
Heavy Chains - Fugitive
Pick Axe Preacher - Angels In The Ground
Dolentia - Voragem
Chiral - Atto I: Oblio
Aramaic - The Pledge
Awake The Sun - Snow Stained Heart (Promo Version)
Vomitous Mass - Devour Excrement
Godless - Felo De Se

Cover artwork by Chaz Smith

From concept to creation, it’s taken less than a month to put this album together, with no compromise in quality. Most of the bands are unsigned, which just goes to show that there are a number of outstanding underground bands, just waiting to be discovered.

We really hope you enjoy this compilation and please show your support to at least one band, even if it’s just a “like” on their Facebook page. 

All the money received is put towards paying for the albums promotion, including sending out promotional copies via the ipool system.

We are already working on In Metal We Trust volume 2 and the release date will be on September 1st 2014.

There will also be a Black Metal compilation out in September. It will be the 1st release in the Helvete series of Black Metal albums

Here’s a lowdown on all the bands involved:

Track 1:  Crucifixion BR - Eternal Judgement

Crucifixion BR (Brazil)
Anti-religious Black/Death from Brazil

Track 2: Sorrowseed - Arcana (of the Lich Queen)

Sorrowseed (USA)
Progressive Black / Death with Symphonic and Gothic elements

Track 3: Heid - Golpejar

Heid (Spain)
Pagan Folk Metal band from Madrid

Track 4:  Heavy Chains - Fugitive

Heavy Chains (Costa Rica)
Heavy Metal / Thrash band from Costa Rica, one of the great teams of this World Cup

Track 5: Pick Axe Preacher - Angels In The Ground

Pick Axe Preacher (USA)
Face melting Metal in the vein of Pantera and Slayer

Track 6:  Dolentia - Voragem

Dolentia (Portugal)
Black Metal from Porto. Track courtesy of Mordgrimm Records

Track 7: Chiral - Atto I: Oblio

Chiral (Italy)
Progressive Black Metal from Italian one man army

Track 8: Aramaic - The Pledge

Aramaic (United Arab Emirates)
Oriental Death /Doom from the Middle East

Track 9:  Awake The Sun - Snow Stained Heart (Promo Version)

Awake The Sun (Italy)
Doom / Dark Metal from Venice

Track 10:  Vomitous Mass - Devour Excrement

Vomitous Mass (Russia)
Slamming Brutal Death Metal from Tomsk in Russia

Track 11:  Godless - Felo De Se

Godless (Puerto Rica)
Raw Black Metal from Puerto Rica. Godless formed way back in 1989

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