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Saturday, 19 July 2014

This weeks Metal discoveries

The Wolves of Avalon album, Boudicca’s Last Stand will finally see the light on Monday
And until then, all releases in my Bandcamp store are £1 or less – so head there now for a bargain or two : http://sixsixsixmusic.bandcamp.com/

The Wolves album will be in the Bandcamp store a day earlier than planned, as I’m not around on Monday to upload it, so it’s available from Sunday. You can also buy it via Amazon and iTunes and if you want a cd copy, email Godreah Records who are doing the physical release, contact them at: godreah@ntlworld.com

Plug over with, time for some music

On my constant quest for new music, the one genre that is really lacking in quality, is Thrash. Be it shit production or bad song-writing (or a combination of both), I’ve discovered a lot of crap the past few months. So thank you very much Nexus One for brightening up my search.

And while I like the music, I’m not keen on the band name as it’s the same name as a mobile phone and I think that’ll hamper the band when someone wants to search for them online

Band name issues aside, Pure Hate is bloody good debut release. With crunchy riffs and a throaty vocal style, 15 Minutes of Shame (which presumably is about the vile culture the UK has now of wanting to be famous for doing fuck all) reminded me of Machine Head, way back around the time of Burn My Eyes.

And that’s where Nexus One dwell. On the catchy side of Thrash, but with plenty of bite. With the gang shout style vocals on Two Face, I’m also reminded (a bit) of the more metallic side of Biohazard. Another band who rose to prominence 20 odd years ago.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re a fan of 90s Thrash, you’ll love this EP.
And I’d also say that Nexus One are one of the most promising UK bands I’ve heard in quite a while.

Play them a visit here: http://www.reverbnation.com/nexusone 

Bloodstrike are from Colorado and are made up of seasoned musicians from the area, including female growler Holly Wedel. And musically, this is straight down the line, no frills, bullshit free, good old honest Death Metal.

Please excuse this very old joke, but this is the musical equivalent of the one were 2 bulls are on a hill and the young one says “let’s run down into the valley and fuck one of those cows”. And the old bull replies, “no, let’s walk down slowly and fuck all of the cows”.

There’s no need to be flash and to show off here. Experience counts when it comes to delivering quality, hence my crappy old joke. Who need to be the heaviest or the fastest? When you produce good music, you just know it.

If these three tracks are a taster of what’s to come, then their debut album will slay.

There was a horrible phase a few years ago when every band under the sun would go and record their debut album almost as soon as they formed. Speaking as someone who experienced the demo tape in all its glory (I even had a demo tape distro in the 90s) it’s nice to see the demo making a comeback.

Here we have a two track affair from Danish Black Metal band Serpents Lair. I was expecting the usual formula of moody and slightly grim, but this is quite a nasty piece of music. It’s a barrage of fury, topped with majestic guitars and blasting drums.

There are only 2 tracks available, but they do clock in at just under 15 minutes, so there’s plenty to digest on what is a mightily impressive debut

You can buy this from the bands Bandcamp page, or look out for a cassette version that’s been released both in Europe and the USA

Kvlthammer are a Blackened Punk band from Indianapolis. My initial reaction was that their songs sound like an extension of the Punk songs Slayer covered on Undisputed Attitude, maybe with a couple of references to Celtic Frost thrown in for good measure as well.

This is controlled hatred that I imagine explodes like crazy when the band play live. The grooves kept my head nodding along throughout and the occasional pumped fist was also raised. And it’s always a good sign that a band can make you do that whilst sat at your computer desk with a good chance of someone walking past and catching you in the act and wondering what the fuck is going on.

So many bands sound like Slayer, mainly ripping off Raining Blood, so it’s kinda cool to hear some Slayer references that help create something completely different, even if Nate Olp does sound very much like Tom Araya at times.

Best track for me is Terrify Ecstasy, where the band sound completely original and the song is as catchy as hell, with the opener salvo of Pathless coming a close second.

It was only after playing this that I did a bit of research on the band and found that the members all have a ton of experience in other bands, such as Lair of the Minatour, Skeletonwitch and Coffinworm. That might explain why this is so damn good

Dead Hills are an Australian one man band. And as with every other musical singular entity of this kind, Black Metal is their weapon of choice.

Now, before I tell you how amazing this is, unbelievably you can get a single album and a double album, for free via the Dead Hills Bandcamp shop.

Now, I’m not sure why Weaver, the band behind Dead Hills is so generous, but be thankful that he is, as this is a must have collection of music. Wonderfully atmospheric, satisfyingly majestic, the list of superlatives could go on all day.

It’s epic Black Metal that runs through a number of styles and creates a multitude of textures to constantly alter the journey the music takes you on.

For digital, visit Bandcamp: http://thedeadhills.bandcamp.com/
And for a cassette version, head on over to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dead.hills

And as Germany won the World Cup last weekend, let’s finish with a German band

Giving us an infectious dose of Speed Metal are Blizzen. They remind me a bit of Tokyo Blade and other NWOBHM bands, including a hint of early Maiden, but with high pitched vocals.

All good fun and a nice way to end this weeks update
You can visit the band here:  https://www.facebook.com/BlizzenOfficial

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