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Friday, 4 July 2014

Deep In The Underground

Before I get on to this weeks update, can I just say a big thank you to the people that have helped promote my business in the past 7 days. It’s nice when people believe in what you’re doing and are happy to give up their time, all in the name of Metal.

And the week has been very busy. The new Wolves of Avalon album is getting a really good response from the press. And if you want to hear a sneak peak of the album, I’ve just added a video to You Tube.

It was going to be a lyric video, but I didn’t have time to sort it. But enjoy guest vocalist, Hildr Valkyries stunning performance on The Sky Goddess.

 And one more item of note. I started work on this weeks round-up of bands for you discover a few days ago. Since then I’ve agreed a deal with Skiddaw to release a limited edition cd run of their 4 track demo. So I’ve not changed the original wording and this blog will remain as unbiased as it can. So the cd will be out in the next 3 or 4 weeks. And rather than me prattle on, check out the video link in their review.

Ok, here’s the real beginning:

I’m going to start this week, buried deep in the underground

Nox Aeternum are a one man band from Pittsburgh, USA. Mixing Death Metal with a Blackened core, In the Midst of Scarlet Pathways is a great introduction to this project.

I’ve been informed that an album is the works, so expect regular updates on its progress.

And while you’re checking out the new track, give last years, Vale Nostri Moriens Spiritum EP a spin. It’s not a polished as the new track, but it’s a good indicator of how much the music has progressed in the past 6 months. And it’s still a very good release in its own right.

Chronicle are a Thrash band from Denmark and they’ve just released their debut 4 tracker, Welcome The Darkness.

Apart from a bit of guitar work on Blizzard Of Blood, which sounds out of tune, to my untrained ears, this is almost flawless. Its core is Thrash metal, but the growly vocals and hints of Black Metal expand upon the solid foundations to keep it all sounding nice and varied.

The drumming feels very old school in a very nice 80s kind of way and the guitars generally gallop along in a similar vein. I wonder if one of these guys is related to Lars Ulrich, such is the 80s feel to this, especially with the Metallica sounding guitar solo on The Iconoclast Of Tomorrow.

Overall, it’s a very promising debut.

Skiddaw are a raw Black Metal band from Northern England. Taking their name from a mountain in the Cumbrian Lake District, the music is of a similar nature, a thing of towering beauty, with references to their surroundings and local mythology within their lyrics.

There’s only one track online at present, but expect more in the near future and possibly a limited edition cd release of their debut EP.

Visit the at Bandcamp or at their Facebook page

Having spent my last 2 summer holidays very close to Swansea in Wales, it’s nice to bring you news of a band from such a glorious part of the UK – As a side note, everyone should go to The Worms Head on The Gower at least once in their lives. Arguably the best place I’ve visited.

Ok, tourist information plug over with, on to the music

Welsh Black Metal outfit Ghast have previewed a song from the forthcoming 2nd album. And what an unholy racket Scorn and Death is. With one of the best screamed intros you’re likely to hear this year.

You can also view an extremely raw live performance from last years Live Evil festival. It’s just a shame that the sound is a tad bombastic. https://www.facebook.com/GhastUK

And it was a pleasant surprise to find their debut album, May The Curse Bind, on Spotify, complete with 3 tracks from a split album.

If you're still looking for another fix of Underground Metal, don't forget that In God We Trust was released last week.
11 bands for just the price of a single song download

This weeks update is slightly shorter than normal, so I’ll try and do a huge update next Friday

So let's finish up with a bit of headbanging

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