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This blog is for unsigned Metal bands and bands on small labels. Whilst setting up my promotions company, I noticed that a lot of sites don't cover demo bands and bands just starting out. Hopefully this small corner of the internet will have redress the balance, ever so slightly

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Band Promotion

The music industry is forever changing, and so is the way you promote music
Personally, I think getting reviews is the hardest part as many websites are flooded with reviews and don't always have the time to cover everything. So here is an alternative to this

The Very Free Option
We’ll give your music away for free to everyone on our mailing list (via Drop Box)

Your music will need to be sent to us via Drop Box (setting up an account is free) and have all of the tracks labelled correctly and we recommend sending it at 320kbps – MP3 format

The Very Cheap Option
Free Distribution via Bandcamp and Drop Box
We spread your music worldwide, via Bandcamp and/or Drop Box
(Drop Box is always free, limits apply on Bandcamp to 100 free downloads a month)

We also include a pdf file with your biography, contact details and website links

Facebook Marketing
We publicise your music via the relevant groups on Facebook

Newsletter Marketing
Everyone on our mailing list gets a monthly email with links to your music

Pre-release Promotion
Got an album or EP coming out? We’ll promote one track ahead of the release

Free Digital Distribution (optional)
Via iTunes, Amazon etc… as well as streaming on sites such as Spotify
You’ll receive 75% of all royalties received

You Tube Video
We include one of your tracks and promote it on You Tube

Forum Promotion
As with Facebook, we post where your music is most relevant

Concert Promotion
UK ONLY: We’ll pass your links/music onto live concert promoters

Label Promotion
We also pass your music onto certain labels, but with no guarantees of getting signed
That also includes the better bands being forwarded onto at least one major label

No guarantees here, but we forward your release onto various radio stations and podcasts for possible airplay

We’ll spread your music for free via Drop Box for a full 12 months
Online promotion is for a 3 month period
All of this for just £10 for a basic album or EP. Which is approximately $15 or 14 Euro’s

All interested bands, please contact me at: steve@sixsixsixmusic.com
And I'll only accept bands with good production. To be honest, I can't justify spending the time on something that still needs work on

And if you want to be added to my mailing list to receive free music, just send an email to the email address above with "Mailing List" in the subject line
Optional Extras
Cheap Album Artwork
We only charge 50% of our normal prices if you require album artwork
Prices start at £5 for an album cover and just £2.50 for a cd design

Intelligent Interview
We interview your band and include that with the downloads, you are also free to use the interview for promotional purposes if you wish

Review submissions
We send your music around the world and send you links to all reviews

CD Duplication
We can offer very competitive rates – Best for UK as the postage is cheaper

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