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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Central and South America

I’ve been flying around the world the past few weeks, just via the internet, so for this update, I’m going to focus on Central and South America

Nocturnal Sacrifice
Let’s start this update in Mexico, with Black Metallers Nocturnal Sacrifice.

Having formed in 2009, this demo is their 1st release. And what a quality release to begin your career with.

Their music is surprisingly melodic and there’s plenty of groove happening thanks to the drumming of Siniestro.  Occasionally they crank it up a few notches, but their music is always accessible.

I don’t know if this 5 tracker has ever been officially released as there seemed to be talk of cd release and then nothing happened, but you can hear all of the tracks via YouTube. And it’s not had many hits so far, which is a surprise as this is really worth tracking down.


Sacred Goat
Why did I decide to check out this band? Because of the name, no other reason.  And sometimes something as simple as a band name can make all the difference on getting some attention.

Sacred Goat are a female fronted Brutal Metal band from Colombia. They mix up a number of styles, including Death and Grind and from this, they create a circle pit friendly brand of chaos.

This 3 track demo clocks in at an all too brief 6 or so minutes. So when you’ve digested this morsel, check out some of the bands live clips on YouTube.

How do I describe Brazilian band MadDög? Possibly as a (slightly) slowed down version of Overkill era Motorhead! Dirty biker rock? Black/Speed/Biker Metal?

However you want to describe them, they fucking rock! This is greasy, dirty Rock N Roll, and I love it.

Possessed By Fuel is so much like Motorhead, it could easily be a long lost classic from the end of the 70s. And I cannot stress enough how good this is.

The band only formed last year and they currently have a 4 track cd available.

Please visit the band here:

Nuclear Screams
 The sound on their 5 track demo is a bit (quite a bit actually) on the raw side, some of the playing isn’t as tight as it could be and the demo cover is a bit garish, but I still like this filthy slab of Thrash.

I have almost zero knowledge about the band, but I can tell you that they are from Brazil and this demo also includes a cover of Sepultura’s Troops of Doom

So no more waffle from me. Have a listen and decide for yourself

I’m not that keen on the band name, maybe in means something else in Spanish, but the music from this Chilean band is top notch. A very dark form of Thrash is their weapon of choice and they’re very good at what they do. Especially the constant barrage of razor edge riffs and the Black Metal tinged vocals.
As seems to be the norm with demo bands right now, they’ve recorded a cover version from one of the bands that has influenced them. Armies have chosen to do a cover of Destructions, Satan’s Torment.

This is an absolute gem of a release, I just hope that as many people as possible get to hear it

Heavy Chains 
These Costa Rican Thrashers have been featured on this blog before, so here’s a quick update.

They’ve got an album in the pipeline for 2015 and they’ve released a taster via Bandcamp in the form of Thundermask

If you’re a fan of Among The Living era Anthrax, then you’ll like what these guys do.

The Unhuman Thorn
 This is a one man band from Chile, who remind me a bit of Dimmu Borgir, mainly because of the vocal style and delivery. Musically, it’s not as symphonic, but there’s enough similarities here to make the comparison.

Although I suspect the subject matter is a bit nastier here, with hatred (of mankind), near the top of the list, at a guess.

Again, this is a new-ish project, with just a 3 track demo having been released so far. But it’s another cracker of a release

Get acquainted via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUnHumanThorn.Chile

Ending this round-up, are Maleficia from Nicaragua. Now, I’m not (usually) much of fan of Death Metal, but this is another of those bands that I find really easy to get into. The vocals are relatively easy on the ear, for Death Metal, and the riffs chug along very nicely and it generally just hits the spot and you cannot help but nod along, even at the faster bits.

Maleficia have been around quite a while, with one album and a number of shorter releases to their name. My recommended starting point is the Demonios de Blanco EP from 2013

Adios from Central and South America - next update will be on Thursday or Friday as a busy week of updates continue

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